Stem Cell Therapy for Diabetes

Diabetes, or fully named Diabetes Mellitus is when a person has high blood sugar and that is cause by the lack of insulin produced by the pancreas or it is when the cells do not respond to the insulin produced, it is also according to the type of diabetes that the cause may be different from others. There are two types of diabetes, type 1 and 2. Type 2 diabetes is mostly common found in adults, to reduce the glucose level, the subject can change diet or have a lot of exercise or if that doesn’t work they will usually take a liquid medicine or pill that helps.Type 1 diabetes is mostly found in children and is mostly rare, and diet alone cannot fix this so sometimes the subject has to take doses of insulin to lower glucose levels. Diabetes still have no known cure yet and some people can get diabetes from relativity or may get it from eating or drinking too much sugary items [1].

Stem cells are cells that are special unlike any other cell, stem cells have the ability to change to any cell in the body in the early life or growth of a stem cells. Stem cells have different types, there are two types of stem cells that are being discussed. Embryonic stem cells are one of the stem cells that could grow to different organs and/or cells, as the name suggests the embryonic stem cells comes and are taken from embryos and embryonic stem cells are one of the solution to many uncured diseases in the world such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and the known diabetes disease too. There are still problems with developing embryonic stem cells, since to get embryonic stem cells they have to destroy the embryo and many people will argue about it ending human life, scientist have been discussing about this for a long time and they have been giving pros and cons about developing stem cells. The adult stem cell are stem cells that has the ability to repair damage tissue on organs making them have the ability to reverse heart attacks or any other disease. The difference between adult stem cells and embryonic stem cells are that embryonic stem cells can become any cell or organ in the body while the adult stem cell can only repair damaged tissue in organs, and so each other cannot have each others specialities [2].

Stem cells as solutions or stem cell therapy is a newly founded solution and it is still very newly discovered. The solution is to get embryonic stem cells to replace the pancreas so it
could produce enough insulin to lower the blood glucose level, and it can also help change the cells that could not absorb the insulin. Meanwhile adult stem cells can help repair the pancreases tissue if damaged and like is said in the before paragraph that the embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells have different specialities. Besides diabetes, there are other diseases that can be cured using stem cells. Some diseases can be cured by replacing some cells or organs with embryonic stem cells or in other cases, like heart diseases or heart attacks can be cured by reversing the effect and using the adult stem cells to repair the tissues of the heart. Embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells are part of cell culture which is when a lab grows and/or develops their own cells to be researched or to help cure other people and it would be easier than having different expensive treatments that doesn’t work.

There are certain types of advantages for stem cell transplant/therapy which are much more accurate and reliable than other treatments or cures, since it is new technology and research than it is still quite expensive to get stem cell therapy/transplant. Since the price for one stem cell treatment and therapy could cost nearly to an estimate of $512.000 dollars and it is not a cheap price for a cure and even though it is proven to work it is still too expensive [3].Some reasons that came up because of it’s price, it is because of the lack of labs that encourage cell culture and it could be a little pricey since there are not that many people that could work to make it. Diabetes economy is expensive for a single person since they have to go each month to the lab and check the blood for glucose, and the lab test is quite expensive because of the technology and manpower needed. The medicine can be insulin and can be a tablet, the tablet is to reduce the blood glucose there is also another expense for a device which will help find glucose portably (Glycemic Index Test Device), the diet consists of non sugary items or low glucose items and they also have diabetic rice.

A word “Cell Culture” means when the cells are grown in a lab or any other environment outside their natural environment, and these cells are used to treat patients for diseases such as Parkinson’s, diabetes, alzheimer’s, and other well-known diseases [4]. It is also a well known problem that embryonic stem cells are being protested for to be thought of killing life since to get an embryonic stem cell it is required to kill the embryo and take the stem cell. Scientist themselves have been discussing this matter, and they have been making pros and cons about either side of the problem faced [5]. Some people nowadays may be eating high sugary food or basically food with high glucose levels, and this is what mostly triggers diabetes since the pancreas cannot produce more insulin to cater the other glucose and also lack of exercise may make blood glucose stack up and if we exercise blood glucose and pressure could drop levels.

The point of this essay is to raise awareness about diabetes so as it’s effect and social impacts on the person itself, this essay is also to point out about stem cells and how it can help the world of anatomy gain a better understanding of our cells and us, and the last one is to help people know about a potential cure for diabetes which is stem cells either embryonic stem cells or adult stem cells can help cure diseases. Stem cells can certainly help people either by replacing their organs and cells or by repairing them.

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