Human Stem Cell Cloning

The argument on whether Human Stem Cell Cloning/ stem cell research should be deemed acceptable still exists. Those who are in favor of artificial reproduction claim that the benefits of human cloning far outweigh the negatives. Those opposed of accepting stem cell research lift up the argument that it is unnatural and cruel. Scientists say that cloning will benefit humans for many reasons; however they propose two different mindsets on human cloning. One is that they are no different from humans and that they are the same. The other is that they are like animals and that they are just a source of resources. Those who support the right to clone humans do not propose a stable/valid argument. There is a long list of risks that is composed of the risk of mutation, the rise of emotionally messing with the clone and others who know the original human, and the risk of the technology being abused. I stand by the movement that human cloning should not be deemed acceptable because it is inhumane!

The highest risk of human cloning is the risk of physical and/or mental mutation such as missing limbs or internal organs being in a dramatic mix up. Although scientists have made the proclamation of their success on cloning a sheep named dolly without any mutations of any sort; they are excluding the history of their research taking them nearly 300 attempts of the cloning of the stem cell to ultimately “Got it right”. Imagine if they were to do the same thing on humans! Although, select individuals deceivingly claim that the “clone” will be the exact same as a human being; if they tried to clone humans they would be creating hundreds of mutated “Human beings” for every attempt to make once single person. The reason why the procedure that was once successful to clone another individual human or animal is due to the fact that everyone’s stem cells are unique, therefore it will continue to take multiple tries to create a “perfect clone”. The result of stem cell cloning is absolutely inhumane due to the production of the mutated creatures.

There was once a team of scientist in Korea that has created dozens of human embryonic stem cell. Their motive is it to obtain the power of speeding up the cloning process by hoping to improve their productivity. Gretchen Vogel, “Korean team speeds up creation of cloned human stem cells.” “Instead of using a needle to suck out the egg’s nucleus, they make a small tear in the egg and gently squeeze out the chromosomes. They then insert a skin cell through the tear and apply an electric shock to fuse the two cells together”. They proclaim that particular procedure of stem cell cloning is a breakthrough and will revolutionize the world’s technology; however political leaders as well as the rest of the world question whether the research with human embryonic stem cells, (cloned or not), is ethically acceptable. Majority of the world’s scientists agree with the statement that stem cell research is not beneficial especially in a cloned state of being; however, through the uncontrolled nature of stubborn human beings, these viewpoints of ones peers are not enough seize them from proceeding in their research. Speeding up the process of growing does not change the fact that the new results will accelerate the already existing stem cell research facts. All of the same affects and risks apply as well.

From R.G. Edwards Article, “A Burgeoning Science Of Embryological Genetics Demands A Modern Ethics.” The author states that cloning stem cell research is a fairly recent scientific development that is to challenge our accepted beliefs. Also how the procedure of cloning a human’s stem cell was never imagined until Briggs and King and Gurdon introduced it during studies on amphibian embryos. The procedure consists of transferring the nucleus of a somatic cell into an enucleated oocyte and resulting in a cloned amphibian embryo with the same characteristics as original humans stem cell and will grow to be exactly the same as the original. This is an absolute abomination to ones individuality! Accepting stem cell research would most certainly cause an occurrence where clone as well as others around the clone emotionally. For example, suppose that a man’s wife were to be cloned and a man was to watch his wife grow up, it would not be as if it were his own child, it would be his wife. One day that girl would reach the point of her physical stage where that man fell in love with the wife, the clone will be a younger living version of what the wife now is. This is an abomination to ones individuality! Now let us take into account the emotions of the clone, this could go two separate ways. 1 the clone will be emotionless and lifeless; 2, the clone will possess the emotional feeling humans do. Therefore not only is this procedure risky to physically disable, yet also it is dangerous in the sense of an individuals emotions.
Putting Society into the equation of human stem cell cloning, it is very apparent that humanity cannot and never will be able to handle the power of this technology! Imagine if the technology of stem cell cloning fell into the hands of Adolf Hitler. He could have cloned every one of the members of his army therefore multiplying the size of his army to endless numbers! Those in the support of stem cell cloning proclaim that this technology is the future of humanity. I for one agree with this state of mind, however I believe that this kind of technology being an everyday procedure will be the end of humanity once and for all.
The argument of when a human beings life begins is a surprisingly relevant Topic in the debate of human stem cell cloning. If Humans messing with the production of life were to be acceptable, it would put humanity as well as the “clone” into a disagreement with the religion of Christianity, which is ultimately what our country was founded upon. Christianity makes the point plain and simple that “life,” human beings, begins not at birth, however it is known to begin at conception. Jeremiah 1:5 “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations.” If life and I soul is considered to be created in the womb of a human after conception, that means for human clone such as a “test tube baby” a soul is never created. Elaborate
The Prohibition of Human Cloning Act in 2002 as well as the Research of Human Embryos Act in 2002 provided an overall understanding and structure for the licensed use of excess assisted reproductive technology (ART) in research and a complete ban on all types of human cloning. The resolution to the debate was agreed upon on the viewpoints of Christianity, Genesis 1:26–27, Then God said, “Let us make mankind in my image, in my likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground. “So God created mankind in his own image, 
in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them”. Therefore in context, a human creating another “human life” is wrong in the context of Christianity, all due to the fact that we are not God. God said we were created in his image, not our image.

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