HUCT Stem Cells

Human Umbilical Cell Tissue Stem Cells (HUCT)

Health Baby + Healthy Mommy = Higher Quality Stem Cells

Several reason make up HUCT Stem Cells offer an advantage over other cells.

#1  It is a well known fact that as the body ages, the stem cells diminish greatly so using Umbilical cord cell tissue from a health baby will give you more stem cells per thousand verses your own aged cells….

HUCT Stem Cell Infusion
HUCT Stem Cell Therapy

#2 Aged cells are aged, and could have inherent problems.

# 3 No pain or side effects from extracting cells from your body, making it a friendlier overall experience to ones body.

#4 No 2nd visit after extraction and processing, so a treatment can be done in 1st visit. Based on protocol, it will cut your visits by 50%

There are many types of stem cell therapies and we believe the HUCT protocol is one that should be considered when looking at Stem Cell Injections!