HUCT Injection

HUCT Injection and HUCT Infusions

Today treating pain and other problems could potentially be assisted by Human Umbilical Cell Tissue Stem Cells. HUCT STEM CELL INJECTIONS are quick and easy and results have been reported by clients within 2-10 weeks, Mabey sooner depending on the ailment.

These cells are removed from a healthy mom + healthy baby umbilical cord shortly after birth.


These stem cells have God given properties and are designed to be HELPER cells.

It is a well know fact, that as we age our stem cell count goes down. So it would make sense if you are going to use stem cells that you get them at the point where they are the newest and that is why Human Umbilical Cell Tissue has become so popular over other cell options.

HUCT THERAPY,HUCT THERAPY, Injections and Infusions

As seen in the graph above, fewer stem cells per thousand in individuals that are older than in a newborn. Another widely know issue is if an adult has taken a statin drug it reduces the stem cell count even further, making it a less desirable host to extract stem cells from.


Many people are turning to infusions for various reasons, that is why we have created the HUCT HOTLINE 1-650-HUCTCEL, this will allow you to make one call and gain access to providers that utilize the HUCT cells and protocols.

If you have questions or looking for a "WHITE GLOVE- Stem Cell Therapy" service call 1-972-800-6670 (Nationwide) Different services and prices available through out the US, prices are dependant on location. Many of our callers actually travel and save with our Stem Cell THERAPY VACATION! Stem Cell Therapy STEM CELL RESEARCH